Sunday, June 5, 2011

i will always be..

a city girl.


  1. awwwee, lovely photos and awesome blog! now following because i find it coool. hehe <3
    btw, thanks for dropping by on my blog and yes, those photos (latest post: a dose of sun, sea and sand) were all taken by me.. THANK YOU for your compliment! :)


  2. Me too!

  3. hi there..thanks a lot 4 dropping by on mine..those photo r MAGNIFICENT love it! btw, u got a really nice blog here.. =)

  4. Omg beautiful photos as usual and you even have a photo of one of my favorite places, Disney!!! I swear the magic is real there! I love it so much I even bugged my bf that I wanted to get married there and hire the characters to come for 300$/30mins.....yeah that idea didn't go through with him hahaha