Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i will love you forever if you get me these!
United Nude Frame $545

(via united nude)


  1. That looks deadly and wonderful :) I wonder if they come in diff colors.

  2. these are interesting shoes!~ very unique ^^

  3. i freaken LOVE united nude... although, i can't afford them. haha i've been coveting these for a while now... sigh*

    it seems to me that we have tons in common! i love all things art, fashion and design as well! :)

    & yes! that is my son, thank you! he's trouble. hahaha.


  4. Ahh these shoes are amazing!

  5. Hi Kim! Im fially back on blogger for a bit! I have no internet at home and am just bumming off net wherever I go hahaha *currently at bf's*

    Wow those are some rocking and edgy shoes!! I love the heel part but whooaaa 545$!! So pricey, though I shouldn't talk since I love designer stuff too =P What is it about these shoes/bags etc. that makes us do crazy things like dish out mad amounts of money for them?! sigh, I will never know!

    Oh and I don't live in Japan or Korea!!! That's great that you think so though hahaha I live in Vancouver, B.C, Canada! =D

  6. OMG drools :D

    haha thanks for your smiley comment, I love noodle soup. those little packages bring back memories

    check out my new post !