Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i just want to be lazy..and do nothing at all.. lay on a bed of grass and gaze in a daze.. at the endless blue skies..


  1. hey! thanks for commenting!
    Yes I am slightly OCD,
    but as for your can bring it to a shoe repair, but that will cost you.
    BUT you could go to aldo or walmart or anywhere that sells shoes and get these stick on rubber soles! just clean the bottom of ur sole and stick it on! it works great~!~~


  2. Hi Kim! Just realized that most of these images were not taken by u after I saw the little remark on sidebar. Lol. Was viewing ur amazing blog via iPhone. Thanks for dropping by my lil blog. :-) have a gorgeous upcoming weekend!

  3. Thank you for your comment <33 I followed your blog :)
    Did you take these pictures? They're so vivid yet dark. I love the feeling it gives me

  4. Lovely pictures! I'm feeling the same too, although I'm in the middle of exams so it's not such a good time to be lazy haha

  5. @mio thank you! for the advice :)

    @becky isnt it great? i love nature shots~

    @monica i wish! haha

    @kz yeah cant be lazy, i always procastinate when it comes to exams haha.. good luck on your exams though! :)

  6. I feel you on that!

    Great pictures!

  7. this are amazing photos. very inspirational to look at. very calming. <3

  8. Sometimes?? I wanna do that ALL the time hehe jk. But yes, this sounds perfect. All I need is a Starbucks frappuccino in one hand and life would be good.

  9. So beautiful! This reminds me of a time when i used to sit just staring at the sky...semms like these days there is never the time............

  10. Hi Kim - what lovely pictures! Ahhh I've been sooooo super duper busy the past couple of weeks and today is really my first day to relax so I totally know what you mean. The weather here is fantastic to just sit down and look at the sky.
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog and for saying hi by the way - I really appreciate it.

  11. Kim! great name and great blog. These pics make me wanna fly!
    :3 thanks for your last comment on my blog, it was lovely.
    check out my new travel post!

  12. such beautiful photos<3
    wish i could make some like that one day :3
    and following your blog now<33

    love it ;D

  13. these images are very dreamy...

  14. Wau love this pictures this is art.